Where are you located? We don’t have a shop front at this stage, however you can purchase cartons directly through us. Free delivery is offered within a 50km radius of Byron Bay.

Is it alcoholic? Our products are created non-alcoholic, but we suggest some Sailor Jerry with the Ginger Beer and any clear alcohol with the LLB, garnish both with some cucumber!

How much sugar is in it? We work hard to reduce the amount of sugar we use in our product without sacrificing the taste. Utilising local organic cane sugar in the brewing process, we are proud to say that our Organic Ginger Beer holds and our Organic Lemon Lime and Bitters is very low in sugar.

What makes it Organic? The entire process of brewing our beverages in natural, we use local organic and real lemons, limes and ginger in the process and do not use any artificial additives or flavours in the process.

Is there a delivery fee? Not if we can help it. Local delivery is free, unless you live outside our 50km radius of Byron Bay which may require a minimum three case buy to exempt delivery fees.

Why do you only deliver locally? We are doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We think simplicity is a way of life. “Keep it simple Sam”.

What makes you sustainable? Every decision made within the business is in direct response to environmental sustainability, we care about our world and want to be the change.

What makes you ethical? We ensure that any equipment used is sourced from countries and businesses that ensure fair work environments for workers.

Is it gluten free? No, we use some hops and malt, not a lot, but enough to ensure we are not gluten free.

Can you recycle the bottles? Yes, we recycle, reuse and repurpose everything, wherever possible.

Does the product need to be refrigerated? Yes, it is safe to store out of the fridge for a day, however, for optimal taste, refrigerated storage will ensure that the fruit does not continue to ferment.

What is the shelf life? Our product stored and refrigerated correctly has a shelf life of four months.